Laird Base Loaded Mobile Antenna

The Laird base loaded mobile antennas are the most technically advanced mobile load coil antennas on the market. Coming in a variety of styles and frequencies. Perfect for applications in agriculture communications, public safety, transportation, utility and military mobile.

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Laird base loaded mobile antenna’s have exclusive features such as stainless steel whips, housings constructed with ABS material injected moulded around a solid brass insert, and gold plated push pin contacts. Making it a long lasting, high quality antenna fit for demanding mobile radio communications.

Features & Benefits

  • Long tuning ferrule allows for greater freedom in frequency adjustment without trimming
  • High performance mobile antenna operates on a No Ground plane (NGP) requirement.
  • Straight Stainless steel corona ball stays on the rod.
  • Easy Installation /w NMO mountable.
  • 100% tested on a network analyser.
  • Frequency range of 144Mhz – 866Mhz dependant on model.

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