mbXLINK Secure Cloud Gateway

The Secure Cloud Gateway from the Fieldbus to the Cloud

mbXLINK collects data from the field bus layer and brings it safely into the cloud. The safety concept is based on a data diode, which allows the communication in one direction only – from the field to the safe network. The return channel is electrically isolated and can only be activated by means of a key switch for configuration purposes.

When many of today’s devices and fieldbuses were developed, Internet, Industrie 4.0 and Big Data were still unknown. Therefore these systems lack any security features for a direct networking, such as access protection with password or signed firmware-updates. To make existing sites „Industry 4.0-fit“ MB connect line and Deutschmann Automation have developed the Secure Cloud Gateway mbXLINK.

It is based on a data diode, that hardware-technically allows communication only in one direction – from the field to the secure net. Technically it‘s impossible to connect with the site to steal data or to manipulate from the outside. The reverse channel is electrically disconnected and can only be activated for configuration purposes via key switch. Due to the real hardware-based disconnection, the usual weak spots of security-hardware are impossible: faulty configuration through the user or security gaps in the unit-software.

The overall concept also includes the connection to the cloud and can be used out of the box, without further programming software installation.

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