Since 2001, Mantis Systems has provided world-class components and services to New Zealand industry.

Mantis Systems Limited

Mantis Systems Ltd provides solutions for Industrial Automation and Control. By working with our customers to understand their needs, we enable them to competitively achieve their goals. Mantis Systems Ltd provides quality components along with a high level of service and support.

Our Discovery

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Our Mission

Mantis Systems was formed in 2001 by Tony Baldock

Mantis Systems Ltd mission is to provide cost effective, hassle free, modern, safe solutions to industry and its people, primarily focusing on (but not limited to) applications in the industrial, commercial and agricultural industries. Product bundling, complimentary products and services are used to enhance this distribution. Our aim is to bring to the industry the benefits and advantages of our top of the line products and services.

The focus is on the customer, growth of relationships and accordingly the growth of the business around those relationships.

Tony Baldock

I have over 30 years experience working in all types of fields and applications in industrial automation and control. My background is in electrical engineering in the manufacturing sector including dairy and the steel industries as well as systems integration. If you would like to hear more about what we do or how we can help you, contact us here at Mantis Systems today.

Past applications and projects

Jane Wilson

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Laura Kyle

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Daniel Oscar

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