While we do sell top of the line products, what really sets us apart is our excellent service, take a look at some of our recent projects in different industries.

Automated board rotator

Physical injury in the workplace is a major cost to manufacturers. Our customer had a requirement to eliminate the manual flipping of lengths of heavy boards in their bench manufacturing process. Mantis Systems was able to customise a machine design and programme to solve this problem. (See video above) This rotator has the ability to adapt its settings automatically based on the size of the board detected on the conveyor. This ensures a safe pick up, rotation and precision placement of the board on to the next conveyor belt for further processing. This process is controlled by employees through an HMI (Human Machine Interface), reducing the potential for physical injury from heavy lifting. 

Artesian Water dispenser with integrated PayWave to Siemens PLC


Mantis Systems was able to design for a customer, a system to integrate PayWave with a Siemens PLC to an Artesian water pump. This allowed the customer the ability to monitor and charge the end consumer with accurate, scalable pricing for the volume of fresh spring water taken from the pump instantly. This process enabled the end consumer to purchase the selected volume of fresh spring water at the tap of a card with PayWave capabilities.