ED3538 PoL/PoE Ethernet Extenders

The Etherwan ED3538 is a hardened 10/100BASE-TX PoL/PoE Ethernet Extender over Copper Wires

  • Industrial grade
  • Power over Link up to 1.2 km (3936 ft) by copper pair cable
  • Maximum of 30 Watts power with 100Mbps bandwidth
  • LEDs display transmission rate and PoE wattage

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The ED3538 Hardened Ethernet Extender utilises EtherWAN’s exclusive Power over Link (PoL) technology to deliver both PoE power and Ethernet communications over a single legacy twisted pair cable, such as a telephone line. The ED3538 PoL solution is comprised of one transmitter and one receiver working together to provide reliable communications and power to remote PoE Powered Devices such as IP cameras, wireless access points, emergency intercoms, or VoIP phones.

With just the transmitter connected to power, the ED3538 provides a maximum of 30 watts of power and a bandwidth of 100Mbps to the ED3538 receiver, at distances up to 300 meters. Under this setup, transmission over longer distances can be achieved with lower data and power throughput — up to 1200 meters at a data rate of 20Mbps and 5 watts of power. However, for applications that require even longer distances, the ED3538 can be connected to power at both the transmitter and the receiver unit, increasing the transmission distance to a remarkable 2200 meters, with a data rate of 1Mbps and a full 30 watts. The current data transmission rate and power sourcing equipment output is displayed by LED indicators.

The ED3538 is highly resistant to electromagnetic interference, shock, and vibration, ensuring connection reliability even in harsh environments.

Power over Link™ up to 1.2 km

» Over an 1200 meters long RJ11 cable, a guaranteed 5 watts power with 20Mbps bandwidth is delivered to the receiving side

Ethernet extension solution with high transmission data rate up to 100Mbps

» Up to 300 meters transmission distance with 100Mbps data rate

Transmission rate and PSE output power indicator LEDs

» Six transmission rate LEDs and three PoE/PSE output power LEDs on the front panel

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